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All CDs are signed. Each CD order comes with a complimentary download of the full album, so that you can enjoy the music while waiting for your CD to arrive in the mail. SPECIAL PROMOTION: purchase two or more CDs of 'Calling All Dawns', and each CD only costs $12.


Album cover of Calling All Dawns

CD + Download (MP3)$13.99 Add to Cart
Download Only (MP3)$9.99Add to Cart
Download Only (FLAC)$9.99Add to Cart
Individual Tracks ($.99)
01. Baba Yetu BUY MP3 BUY FLAC
02. Mado Kara Mieru BUY MP3 BUY FLAC
03. Dao Zai Fan Ye BUY MP3 BUY FLAC
04. Se É Pra Vir Que Venha BUY MP3 BUY FLAC
05. Rassemblons-Nous BUY MP3 BUY FLAC
06. Lux Aeterna BUY MP3 BUY FLAC
07. Caoineadh BUY MP3 BUY FLAC
08. Hymn do Trójcy Świętej BUY MP3 BUY FLAC
09. Hayom Kadosh BUY MP3 BUY FLAC
10. Hamsáfár BUY MP3 BUY FLAC
11. Sukla-Krsne BUY MP3 BUY FLAC
12. Kia Hora Te Marino BUY MP3 BUY FLAC
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Album cover of Calling All Dawns
CD + DVD + MP3 Download $23.99 Add to Cart
A high-fidelity deluxe package. Includes an autographed CD of the original album, and a DVD with a 96kHz, 24-bit DTS Digital Surround 5.1 mix. DVD also includes lyrics, translations, the Baba Yetu music video, and a behind-the-scenes video of the Abbey Road recording sessions. For technical information, click here.


Album cover of God of Love
Please note that 'God of Love' is processed through Topspin Fulfillment, and purchases cannot currently combined with Calling All Dawns purchases.
CD + Download $14.99
Autographed CD plus a digital download in your choice of formats: AAC/MP3/Lossless/FLAC.
CD Only$14.99
Autographed CD, with no download.
Download Only$9.99
Digital download in your choice of formats: AAC/MP3/Lossless/FLAC.


Christopher Tin's sheet music is available through Alfred Publishing, Lulu Press and directly from the composer himself. For information and availability, please visit our sheet music page.