Calling All Dawns

A Song Cycle About
the Cycle of Life


Calling All Dawns is a song-cycle in three movements: day, night and dawn. Each movement corresponds to a different phase of life--life, death, and rebirth. There are songs of joy, mystery, and hardship, reflecting the complexity of our mortality. There are songs of the deepest, darkest sorrow to accompany us through death. And finally, there are songs of triumph and exultation that bring us roaring back to life, beginning the cycle anew.


Each song flows seamlessly into the next, and the album ends on the same chord that it opens with--thereby representing the fluid, cyclical nature of the universe. It carries a strong message of unity: that regardless of race, culture and religious belief, we are all connected through our common human experience.

Guest Artists

Notable guest artists include Soweto Gospel Choir, Frederica von Stade, Anonymous 4, Dulce Pontes, Lia, Aoi Tada, Kaori Omura, Jia Ruhan, Roopa Mahadevan, Jerome Kavanagh, On Ensemble and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by Lucas Richman).

Notable Performances

Calling All Dawns has been performed at Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center, Cadogan Hall, and in many other venues around the world. The opening movement, ‘Baba Yetu’ has become a modern choral standard, and has received additional performances at Disney Concert Hall, the Kennedy Center, the UN General Assembly Hall and in thousands of amateur concerts internationally.

Previews and Lyrics

01 Baba Yetu (feat. Soweto Gospel Choir)

02 Mado Kara Mieru (feat. Lia, Aoi Tada, Kaori Omura)

03 Dao Zai Fan Ye (feat. Jia Ruhan)

04 Se É Pra Vir Que Venha (feat. Dulce Pontes)

05 Rassemblons-Nous

06 Lux Aeterna

07 Caoineadh (feat. Anonymous 4)

08 Hymn do Trojcy Swietej (feat. Frederica von Stade)

09 Hayom Kadosh

10 Hamsafar (feat. Sussan Deyhim)

11 Sukla-Krsne

12 Kia Hora Te Marino

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