Calling All Dawns

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Original Instrumentation: Orchestra, Hand Percussion, Soloists and Chorus
Text: Various
Duration: 47 min
Year: 2009

Performance History: First performed at Waterford Union High School, Wisconsin, by the Waterford Union Chorus and Orchestra, conducted by Derek Machan, January 9, 2011. Subsequent performances at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, NY by the Distinguished Concerts Orchestra and Chorus, and Cadogan Hall, London by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Program Notes: Calling All Dawns is a song-cycle in three movements: day, night and dawn. Each movement corresponds to a different phase of life--life, death, and rebirth. There are songs of joy, mystery, and hardship, reflecting the complexity of our mortality. There are songs of the deepest, darkest sorrow to accompany us through death. And finally, there are songs of triumph and exultation that bring us roaring back to life, beginning the cycle anew.

FROM CHRISTOPHER: "Calling All Dawns was born from the desire to turn my popular piece 'Baba Yetu' into a full album-length work, that celebrated different languages, cultures, and religions, and celebrated the commonalities that connect people to one another."






Study Score
Complete transcription of the full orchestration featured on the album
[Perc: GC, SusCym, Tam-tam, Ptti, Chimes, Vib, ThunderSheet, Rattle, Wdblk, Tri, MTree, BellTree, Odaiko, Chu-daiko, Uchiwa Taiko, Shime Taiko, Okedo, Japanese Singing Bowls, Surdo, Ashiko, Conga, Darabuka, Tabla, Nagara(s), Angklung, Chappa, Atarigane, Cajon, Pandeiro, Caixa, Agogos, Shkr, Caxixi, Samba Shaker, Finger Cym, WindChimes, Chan-chan (double finger cymbal), Ankle Bells, Elephant Bell Chain, Stones, Drum Kit, Drum Machine]
Optional: Shakuhachi, Zurna(s), Duduk, Mbira(s), Yangqin, Guitar
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Reduced Orchestration
Most-commonly performed orchestration to approximate the sound of the album
[Perc: GC, SusCym x2, Tam-tam, Ptti, BellTree, Chimes, Glock, Rattle, Wdblk, Tri, Taiko, Surdo, Ashiko, Darabuka, Tabla, Chappa, Atarigane, Agogos, Shkr, Caxixi, Finger Cym, WindChimes, Chan-chan (double finger cymbal), MTree, Stones, opt. Drum Kit]
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Chamber Orchestration
Significantly reduced winds, brass, and percussion (revised April 2017)
[Perc: GC, SD, Ptti, SusCym, Tam-tam, Chimes, Glock, MTree, BellTree, WindChimes, Tri, Shkr, Caxixi, Samba Shaker, Chan-chan (double finger cymbal), Rattle, Taiko, Surdo, Ashiko, Chappa, Darabuka, Tabla, opt. Drum Kit]
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Vocal Score
Fits both Reduced and Chamber orchestrations
SSAATTBB with Soloists, Piano
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Latest revision: 11/21/2018 (download the errata PDF)

Concert Band with opt. Chorus
Third-party arrangement by Martin Ducharme
Concert Band with optional Choir
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